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Halloween is only a couple of weeks away – which implies that Thanksgiving will be quickly arriving also. On that day that my family and I pull out the Christmas tree and hang up all of the lights. I know it is early – but we love to get all of the decorations that we have before everybody else does.

The first thing that we will pick out are the ornaments that will be hung on the tree. We need to pick out the colored lights and be sure that we are able to get enough of them. Now that our daughter is a lot older we have no problems purchasing the glass ornaments that are bright and are much more elegant to use.

All around the interior of the place we love to hang up garland that has been twined with twinkle lights. This will be strung around the ceiling inside of the living room, around the banister, and over the entertainment center. When we are finished we won’t have to use our normal ceiling light because it is just that bright!

The outdoors is not something that we get to do very often. This is normally because it is so costly and it may be a pain to hang it all up. This year though we have settled to put out a giant snow globe. Since we don’t get snow in the south we have to find a fun way to bring it to us.

My daughter is especially thrilled to see the all new outdoor holiday lights that we are going to be putting up. This year we will begin small and will just be wrapping it round the porch banister and hanging it over the bushes. Still it will be a stunning site for us to see.

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