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Remodeling the bathroom can be either a very simple project or one that is very involved. If you do not have much space to work with than the most you can do is repaint the walls or put down new flooring. One of the most dramatic changes that anyone can make is replacing the bathtub.

Not all of us think to do this because of how involved it is – but imagine what your life would be like with a new tub. You could have something that is bigger and that is more elegant. Wouldn’t it be great to find the one that you have always wanted and to use it without being disappointed or not being able to fit?

When trying to find something you need to think about how large it needs to be. If you are like me than you love to take bubble baths every night or when you are stressed out. This is hard to do if the tub you are in doesn’t have room to fit all of you. The most standard of these are barely able to fit someone who is tall no matter how skinny or large they might be.

Next you have to choose the style that you want it to have. There are actually a great deal of these on the market that you can choose from. Some of my favorites are the Clawfoot tubs. These are very unique and have a certain antique quality to them. Still there are some that can be used in a modern bathroom.

If you want a bathtub design that is going to have some extra features to it than you should consider the large whirlpool tubs. These have around six jets built into the sides. That way you can soak in hot water and get a massage at the same time. Nothing can beat that!

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