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It is a happy day when we meet the person of our dreams and get married to them. Did you notice though that the minute we move in with someone certain things seem to fly out the window and the circumstances can change on us? They say that the honeymoon is over within the first few months and for some people this is true.

The minute we move in together we feel the need to criticize nearly everything about them. It is the little things that seem to get under our skin and nothing can be worse than trying to sleep next to someone who is constantly snoring so that we cannot sleep. Luckily there are a few tricks that you can try – which might work for you.

Sleep Machine

Ever since I was a teenager I discovered that I couldn’t sleep well without some type of background noise. Buy a sleep machine for around $50 and choose something that will help you to relax and hopefully drown out the snoring noises. These will often sound like a thunderstorm, beach, frogs, or even a box fan. If these do not work than you could try putting on some soothing music.

Early To Bed

When in doubt you should try to be in bed before them so that you can fall asleep before they start in on the snoring. Give yourself thirty minutes to an hour to relax and fall into a deep sleep.

Ear Plugs

If nothing else works than you can always go the incredibly cheap and easy route and put ear plugs in. these are foam and fit comfortably into each ear. When you use the right one you won’t hear a thing and will be able to finally sleep with someone who snores.

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