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When we think of a hobby that we can have or do the first thing that usually pops into our heads is collecting art or maybe drawing a picture. When we think of crazy things to do we usually picture ourselves sky diving or white water rafting. One thing that we don’t usually picture ourselves doing is diving into a freezing ocean!

Ice diving is just like scuba diving except that it is below freezing and the creatures are vastly different. Though not many people have the desire to do this it is still a popular hobby. In order to do this successfully and safely you need to have the right equipment on hand.

Dry Suit

The dry suit is going to be one of the most important things that you have strapped to you when under the water. This is made to cover your entire body except for your head and hands. You must find a hood and gloves for this. The suit is designed to keep your body dry and a bit warm. However, most people will still need to wear some layers underneath it for added warmth.


While the suit helps to keep your warm the regulator is used to keep you breathing while under the water. This comes with a large oxygen tank that is strapped to your back. The air is delivered to you through a mask that is placed over your mouth. These are quite expensive – but they are designed to give you the amount of air you need for different types of dives.


The mask is one of the more affordable ice diving equipment that you will need. However, you should be picky about what you choose. Make sure that it fits snugly – but not too tightly. This is going to be your eyes while beneath the surface so you can see where you are going and take in the beauty that is all around you.

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