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Growing up I didn’t have a Playstation or a Nintendo game console like the other kids. Instead we had a computer or one or three that we would play various games on. I remember when I was five playing a game that was on a floppy disk! When I was older those games were on Cds and now you can simply download them from the Internet.

Computers are essential for many people these days. It helps to connect with people far away, write out papers for school, or keep our business and personal finances under control. As the years go by the desktops are becoming slimmer and more compact. The cords however, seem to increase.

If you go into my office you will see a variety of cords streaming from the back of the computer. These are for the mouse, keyboard, screen, speakers and printer. This will cause mayhem and disorganization behind the desk and can be quite annoying if you ever have to move.

To organize the mess you are going to have to shut the computer down and unplug everything! It is time to detangle the mess and figure out where everything belongs. When you have done this put everything to the side and make sure you like where the computer is out. If you want to move it now is the best time to do it.

Plug everything back in to the back of the computer. Try to keep them from overlapping each other. Once everything is plugged in you need to secure them so that they are not in the way and will not get entangled again. Wrap Velcro fasteners around two of the closest cords. Place on near the bottom and one near the top. This will keep them from shifting around too much.

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