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Growing up I watched my siblings and the many pets that they have. My sister had a bird who lasted only a couple of years. My brother had two hamsters who lasted longer – but they still didn’t fare too well. I thought that I would be better off without any pet to worry about. That was until my dog was given to me.

It was a cute white puppy who was all over me. He craved attention whenever I was around and sulked around the house when I wasn’t. The hardest part was having to toilet train him. Every time we stepped outside he became excited and wanted to explore the yard and what laid beyond it.

After a few escapes my parents agreed that it would be best to invest in a dog collar that would shock him if he ever tried to leave the boundaries of the yard. These collars do not harm the pet – but will help to give them a warning about where the invisible fence is.

At first it was difficult to train Leo. We taught him where the invisible fence was and he learned that the shock would get him when he got too close. However, this didn’t seem to deter him. We found out that it wasn’t enough of a shock to get through to him. So we decided to increase it a little bit.

For awhile there we contemplated getting a solar electric fence. It took nearly two weeks of training and a bag of doggy treats for the message to get through to him. Now he is content to play with his toys and hang inside his doggy house. The collar has been a great investment and we are happy to keep him off the streets where he can get hurt.

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