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When we are in high school our teachers and parents begin to introduce the various career fields so that we can take an interest. Usually we blow them off up until senior year when it is time to take the SATs and pick a college. By the time we leave college we are on the hunt for our dream jobs. The only way to get them is to show our future employers that we have what they are looking for.

First impressions are everything! If you go to an interview wearing a mini skirt or with a five o’clock shadow than they are not going to hear anything you say. I don’t care if you are a genius and meet all of their requirements. Most employers don’t want someone who looks like they walked off the street.

The clothes that you wear will speak volumes to them and it will be the first thing that they notice about you. You can tell a lot about people by what they wear. Women should wear a smart pantsuit or a skirt and blouse. Make sure that the colors are not too drastic (no hot pink!) and that it is age appropriate. They don’t need to be looking at your cleavage. Men should be wearing a suit and tie.

The hair needs to be combed straight and gelled if necessary. Men should groom their beards and mustaches and have no shadows anywhere on their face unless it is trimmed and looks like you are growing it out. Women need to be careful the amount of makeup that they wear. Too much says you are trying too hard and not enough will make you look tired or rundown.

Any resume or other credentials that you bring with you needs to be in a specific place that is easy to get to. Try to purchase a leather portfolio or briefcase. This looks professional and you will find that it comes in handy while at work.

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