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Every year on the first of April people are busy getting projects done at work or finishing up homework at school. Numerous are too busy too notice that it is the one time of year when things may go awry and everything points to the fact that they may be being pranked. April Fool’s is such a long time tradition in which we seek to pull things over on others. Did you ever stop to wonder how it all began?

There are a couple of various accounts as to when and why this tradition was begun. The most popular version is that the day was first started when the reformed Gregorian calendar was completed in 1564. Before this was finished and accepted New Year’s Day was celebrated on March 25th. The parties would take place on April 1st.

When the New Year was run to January 1st certain individuals did not understand the alteration that was made and would still celebrate on April 1st. Those who understood would play jokes on the ignorant individuals.

The first prank for this holiday took place almost 200 years after the change to the calendar had already been made. It all took place in France and the person used a poisson d’Avril – April Fish. The fish was thought to be in the zodiacal sign of Pisces. Other jokes round this time were rather boring and included invitations to fake parties.

Today people attempt to create hysterical and rather dramatic pranks. Those who do not think about what day it is may suddenly think that their boss is discharging them or that their wives are pregnant. Other individuals can be given food that has been spiked with syrup or the kitchen sink that recoils on them.

The worst funny joke on people though is that they can become questioning of everything and anything that happens during the day. If you don’t have a sense of humor than it is best that you stay inside your home.

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