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I love to exercise. Ever since I was a teenager it became a goal of mine to lose the chubby weight that I had. I managed to lose thirty pounds and keep it off until I had my daughter. When you are pregnant you can’t help – but gain weight. However, once you have had the child you can get back on track.

The hardest part for me was trying to regain balance of my appetite so that it was back to normal and to find the will to exercise. I didn’t have the time to go to a gym so instead I found myself walking around my neighborhood. This was doing great – but after a few months my friends suggested that I try to run instead.

Running is a great form of cardio – but not something that I particularly enjoyed. I was not athletic growing up and every time I tried to run I ran out of breath and my chest felt like it was going to explode. I told them that I didn’t have the ability to run – but they said that my body wasn’t used to it.

I went out with them one day and tried a technique. I ran for about twenty seconds and walked for forty. I did this for one mile and my legs were killing me – but I was happy that I had managed to finish the whole mile. By the end of the week I was able to run the whole mile.

It is amazing the endurance that was building up inside of me. Every night I head out for a run around the neighborhood and every few weeks I increase the mileage that I run. It helps that I have people to encourage me and I visit running forums for tips and ideas. You can learn a great deal from seasoned runners.

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