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The kitchen is probably my favorite room in the home. It used to be that I never stepped foot inside of it or at least never used it the way it was meant to be. The only thing that I ever ‘cooked’ was food that came out of a box or a can. Now that I have a family I have been trying my hand at various recipes.

The only problem is that I have a kitchen that is small and that does not have all of the things I would love to use. I have decided to sit down and plan out my dream kitchen even if I won’t have it for another ten years.


The first thing I wanted to decide on was the theme. The most common to choose from are modern, contemporary, and traditional. I chose to stick with contemporary. It is a perfect mix of traditional and modern without going to the extreme of either one. It also gives me more colors and styles to choose from.


I think that I am going to have a ton of cabinets and different types. I am going to have some basic cabinets up top. On the bottom I am going to have larger cabinets that actually have pull out shelves. This makes getting to everything easier. The corner cabinets are going to be built with a lazy susan. I can put in more and it will revolve so I can find it easily.


Next comes the appliances. I used kitchen design pictures to look at some of the different types on the market. I think I prefer to use the stainless steel types that are easy to clean and look great in any kitchen. The only problem with these is that when they are dented or scratched you can’t fix them.

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