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Cleaning is something that I used to hate to do! I dreaded having to clean my room and spend half my day vacuuming and dusting. Somehow over the years I grew tired of my home always being a mess when people came over. So I decided to change things and keep the place tidy throughout the week and spend a small portion of my weekends cleaning the floors.

The living room, kitchen, and bedrooms look great almost all the time now. The only room that I still hate to clean is the bathroom. I cannot understand how something can get so filthy so quickly and trying to clean it all out is something that my stomach doesn’t like to deal with. The worst problem is mold and mildew.

This will grow quickly during the week caused by the large amounts of moisture that is released into the air when we take showers. The best thing I can do to make cleaning the room more bearable is to prevent the buildup of this substance during the week.

No Scrub Cleaners

Where is the most amount of buildup going to occur? In the shower of course. This is constantly wet. The last person to take a shower should use a used towel to dry it out. After that they need to spray it down with a cleaner that does not require any scrubbing. Arm and Hammer makes this. It will set on the walls and fixtures and keep the mold and mildew away.


One of the best ways you can keep the moisture in the air from building up and causing the mold is to let in some air. Open a window or a door if you live by yourself. If these are options are not available than install a heavy duty bathroom exhaust fan. They are loud – but they get the job done.

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