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When I was single there were things that I had to worry about – but they were few and far between. It was up to me to make sure that I paid my bills on time – but if I had to eat ramen for a week than that was a small price to pay and one that didn’t bother me. Now that I have a family I worry about so much more.

Having a child will put so many things into perspective. I find myself more protective of her and wondering about all the things that can go wrong when I am not around to protect her. There are various things we can do to protect our children. One that many of us do not find as important is health insurance.

I know that this is a sore subject for many of us right now. We are being told by the government that they do not want to give us any alternative. Either we find some form of it or we pay out penalties for not having it. This seems harsh at first – but it is pushing people to invest in something that could potentially save them in the future.

The biggest problem that we have with health insurance is how expensive the plans are. My husband and I pushed off getting it for so many years because it would cost us almost $1,000 a month for only three people. Even paying so much out wasn’t enough to cover the full amount of prescription or doctor visits. It seemed outrageous and we felt like it would be cheating us in the end!

In life sacrifices must be made and this is one of them. Do tons of research and find something that is going to be affordable for you and your family. You never know when one of you has a horrible accident or a serious health condition. Without insurance or even Medicaid you will have no way of paying for treatments. This is a position you should never be in.

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