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When my husband and I first got married we lived in a little home that he had been renting out for years. It was small and tiny and perfect for just two people. However, when our daughter came along we knew it was time to move into a bigger home and a safer neighborhood.

After a few weeks of searching we found a cute little home not far from where we lived at the time. It was a cute little home and one that we would spend two years in before moving on to yet another bigger home. The whole time we decided to rent rather than buy despite everyone telling us that we were crazy.

People kept making arguments about how we were throwing money away by renting a home from someone and that we should settle on a cheap home and buy it. This was something that my husband and I had considered for quite some time – but we both knew that in the end it just wouldn’t make sense.

We are both still young and right now we do not know what state we wish to settle down in. It would not make sense for us to purchase a home until we knew where we wanted to live. I have known people to buy a home and than three years later move to a new city. This forced them to either rent out the home or sell it. Either way both parties lost money.

When the time comes that we are ready to settle down for ten or twenty years than we will be on the lookout for a home that we can buy. A home that has the perfect yard and kitchen floor plan that we can be happy with. Until than we will continue to rent and hope that we are saving money and making the right decision.

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