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I love to give gifts! It is not uncommon for me and my husband to make every small holiday an excuse to give each other something. I love being able to come up with something fun and unique to give him or my daughter. Spoiling them is something that puts a smile on my face just as much as it does on theirs.

After a couple of years of gift giving I am running out of ideas on what to purchase my husband. It seems that he already has the video games he likes and the movies that he enjoys. I try to come up with gift ideas that are fun and different – but there are times when it just seems to lame.


If your man loves sports than this should be easy! Give them tickets to a few of the local games or even take them to an away game! If that is a bit much than simply buy them a jersey or some fun mugs with their favorite sports team printed onto it. My hubby doesn’t get into sports so this is not an option.


Technology is all around us and something that most guys will thrive on. Our first year we were married I bought an Xbox for my hubby who absolutely loved it! For our fourth Christmas I purchased him an iPhone. He couldn’t have been happier. You can even find some unique tech gifts that are smaller and not as pricey.


Most guys love to fish or hunt and are always in need of some gear. You can invest in a new fishing pole or just get them a fun fishing shirt. Try to find different things that will make it a lot easier for them and help them to catch the bigger fish.

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