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It is great to be able to buy a home that has everything you need even if you have to fix it up a bit. One of my favorite rooms to have in a home is a basement. These are usually large in size and though they can have a lot of problems, when you fix them they can be used to your advantage.

The problem is that many people see the problems and cannot get past the solution. I know that it can be pricey – but when you do it right you will increase the value of the home and give yourself a spare bedroom or a home gym.

Leak Repair

The number one problem that any homeowner will have with this room is that it leaks. The foundation used to build it might not always have been the best and condensation, pipes, and other things will cause water to leak around the walls, ceilings, and floors. Have a professional inspect the area and tell you where things need to be repaired.


Once this problem is fixed you need to create your design. It helps to draw out the ideas in your head and to see what everything might look like. Measure the room and use this to create the room you wish to have. You might want to have a space for playing games or turn it into an office.


No matter what you are using it for you want to make sure that you control the amount of cold that is released into the room. There are various types of basement insulation that can be used – which will keep the temperature controlled. This will make it more comfortable throughout the year and prevent any cold from seeping into the upper levels of the home.

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