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Having a baby is a miracle and something that many women look forward to. Excitement is the first feeling I had when I was pregnant and I was so happy to be going through it all. Luckily I had no problems and my happiness showed all over my face. It wasn’t until my due date came that I started to become nervous and was afraid that I would be missing something important that my new baby might need.


The crib is the most important thing to have. It is important to find something that is safe to use and that will last for a few years. Rather than spending $400 on a wooden crib we purchased a pack ‘n play. These are cribs that can be taken with you wherever you go. It came with a bassinet and cost less than $100. I was able to give my child something to sleep in when she was born and she stayed in it until we bought her a toddler bed.


It would be great if we didn’t have to spend $200 or more on a stroller – but this is really something that you want to have on hand. Try to find one that will allow you to attach the car seat to it so you don’t have to take your child in and out each time. If they are too expensive than go to a thrift store and find one that is used and in your price range. You can get something good for a steal!

Breast Pump

This is only necessary if you plan on breastfeeding. These can be expensive – but they will allow you to feed your child even while you are trying to have a night off. Use something that will last – but never buy them used.

Car Seat

Lastly you need to have a car seat. These are of course essential and you need to have it when you leave the hospital. I invested in one that grew with my child. What started off as a rear facing seat became a toddler seat. When they are young try to purchase an infant car seat cover that will protect them from the weather.

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