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Allergies is a problem that many of us have to deal with whenever the seasons change. This is when our eyes begin to water, our chest closes up, and our nose begins to run. Most of us have dealt with it since we were kids and others only experience in certain climates. Whatever the reason might be there are ways to fight it.


The first thing that most people will try are over the counter medicines. There are a number of brands like Claritin and Benadryl that are made with specific ingredients. These will target the histamines and neutralize the symptoms. The problem with these is that they can make us feel drowsy and for some people they are not strong enough.


If you have more severe problems than you should speak with your doctor. They can prescribe you stronger medication that will work faster. Be careful that you take this in moderation. Also make sure that you are aware of all of the side effects that can occur.

Natural Treatments

When in doubt why not try something a bit more natural. When your sinuses are backed up the best way to relieve the pressure is to place a cold compress over them. This will soothe the pain and the swelling. Also you can try breathing in hot steam to relieve the mucous build up.

The best thing to use is a warm mist humidifier. This will increase the moisture in the room and help to clear out any blockages in your chest and nose. You can use just plain water or purchase special inhalant treatments that will be distributed through the room. When you breathe it in it will help to clear your chest and make it easier to breathe. This is great for both adults and children.

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