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Exercise is something that everyone should be doing. This is a great way to shed unhealthy weight or to tone up your body and to boost your immune system. Most people think that the best way to get a workout is to join a gym. While these places can give you a great deal of equipment to use it is not the only option that you have.

One of the best ways to exercise when you don’t have much time every day is to run. If you are not used to getting your heart rate up than you need to start off at a slow pace and only go for one mile. Don’t be surprised if you cannot run the whole thing. In order to increase your speed and distance it helps to wear the right things.


You need to find specific running shoes made by Nike or other top brands. Your feet will be undergoing a lot of impact and you need plenty of cushion and support. Buy cheap shoes and your feet will hurt and you could injure your knees and ankles.


Unless it is winter you need to wear shorts. This will give your legs more room to move and will help to keep you cooled down. Some prefer to purchase the spandex shorts while others prefer ones that do not hug the legs. It is up to you to choose what will allow you to move comfortably.


It helps to wear something made with lightweight material. You will be sweating a great deal and this will weigh down your body and your shirt will be drenched. Try to purchase the ones with the Dri-Fit material. This will absorb the sweat and help to keep you cooled off and dry. Women need to wear a sports bra underneath.

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