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If you were to take a poll in your city to see how many people owned a personal computer what do you think the results would be? Ten years ago I had a computer in my home – but my parents often used it for business and school projects. As children we were allowed to play certain games on it – but the Internet was just becoming very popular and we were still on dial up.

Now nearly everyone in the family is given their own personal computer. Kids and parents alike will use them for projects and to connect with their friends. This is one of the biggest reasons why social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are thriving and taking over all of the Internet world!

The hardest part about having so many of these machines in one home is the ability to connect to one Internet connection. This is possible! The best thing to invest in is a wireless router. These are connected directly to the modem and send out a signal to each of the machines.

All you have to do is to activate the wireless card in your computer and connect it to the right network. With this capability you won’t have to worry about running cords around the office and being restricted to working in a specific room when using a laptop. Just make sure that you secure the network so your neighbors aren’t feeding off of it and slowing it all down.

The laptops and desktops are not the only machines that can be connected to the wireless router. You will also have the ability to connect a printer. This makes it easy for you to access a document and print it out without streaming tons of cords around you or even when you are in another room.

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