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Kids love to have toys no matter what age they might be. When they are young we have a tendency to spoil them with some of the cutest toys that make highly annoying noises. As they get older we give them video games and top of the line toys that we ourselves cannot begin to understand how to use. Learn some new gift ideas that are fun and unique.


Most kids will want bikes and this is great – but maybe you can give them something a bit more fun! Scooters are not as popular as they once were – but they are still being improved on. You can buy the ones that you have to push with your foot or you can buy the mechanized ones that are easier for the younger kids to use. Best thing is that these can be used for young kids and teens.


I remember growing up I always wanted one of those miniature cars or jeeps. These are so much fun and give the child the illusion that they are actually driving a car. These are safe to use on the lawn or driveway. Just make sure that you supervise them and keep them off the street. These are made for toddlers and can come in various colors and styles.

Pocket Bikes

Pocket bikes are the newest fad that is still growing. These are miniature motorcycles that can be used by young kids, teens, and even adults. It is not uncommon to see a 20 year old on something two sizes too small doing tricks off a ramp. They are even used to build up racing teams around the neighborhood.

These come with lights, brakes, and an engine that won’t go over a certain range. Make sure that they wear the necessary safety gear and keep them off the roads. Be aware that most states have specific pocket bike laws and some do not allow younger children to ride them.

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