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Cell phones are some of the most important electronic gadgets on the market and the most popular. They are used for business, personal, and safety purposes. Many people have disconnected their landlines because they do not need to pay extra for a home phone that goes with them no matter where they are.

The question that many people are asking themselves is whether or not these are something that they should give to their kids. Is it a good ideas to give them access to talk to whomever they want whenever they want?

Most parents will indulge their children so that they can feel like they are not being left out. If the child argues that ‘Every other kid has one!’ than you will feel like a bad parent and give into them. Others might give it to them so that they will have a way to call in case of an emergency.

I believe that a cell phone should be given to children when they turn 16. This is usually the time when they are getting their first job and are responsible enough to hang out with friends without a parent or other chaperone being present. In that way you are giving them that safety net for when you are not around. However, there should still be restrictions. You don’t want them to be able to abuse the power you have given to them and rack up high bills with the amount of minutes and messages they go through.

Start them with a pay as you go phone. This will allow you to restrict the amount of calls and text messages that they can send and receive each month. This means they will not be able to make as many personal calls and waste time while at school or when they should be doing homework.

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