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When you’re ready to purchase a new vehicle, it is really important to take EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) fuel economy mileage ratings into consideration. The instability in gas prices is just one factor that encourages you to give more attention on the gas mileage ratings, rather than all of the cool and fantastic features that the vehicle manufacturers pack on. In this day and age, with today’s fuel prices, you really have to find a car that you like while still getting good gas mileage ratings – it’s almost a necessity. With that being said, keep in mind that the ratings will differ depending on how you drive your vehicle along with other factors as part of the formula used to determine the estimated MPG used by the EPA.

It has been a practice that the gas mileage ratings for cars, trucks and SUVs are published every year. This is mandatory so that the general public find out the fuel economy of each individual vehicle and compare. The two major categories compared are the estimated City and Highway miles per gallon numbers. You can download the fuel economy database right from the Federal Government and make your own comparisons, and we’ll continue on with this article covering how to use these values, which are also published on new vehicles on dealer lots.

Gas mileage ratings will help you make a decision on what vehicle will be best suited for you if you have fuel economy in mind. Obviously you can’t just look at the numbers, as trucks and SUVs will have poor fuel economy ratings when compared to smaller cars. Also, newer vehicles will probably have better MPG numbers, as the guidelines are regularly increased.

For brand new models, new gas mileage ratings have been made by the government. Various tests were created to determine and evaluate the fuel economy more perfectly, under strict driving conditions. Taking into consideration the amount of speed that people will be driving it as well as taking into account the characteristics of the driver has certainly help achieve these tests. The gas mileage ratings for all hybrid vehicles are also based on these newly created tests intended for considering the numerous driving habits of a great number of people.

With these mileage ratings, you’ll be able to choose a vehicle with it’s economy in mind - which can significantly alter the actual cost of ownership and use. Purchase a vehicle that will meet your expectations and satisfy your needs. Gas mileage ratings can definitely help you decide on what type of vehicle will be good (or not) for you.

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