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Home is where the heart is and is where we spend a great deal of time. As such we need to find the best way that we can decorate it. Picking out furniture is easy and we often have it down to a science. However, many of us struggle with what to put on the walls or along the small end tables.


My favorite piece of decoration to put around my home are pictures. Anyone who steps into my home can tell that I love to capture every special moment and frame it. My living room has over ten different types of frames and countless pictures along the end table, hall table, and on the wall.

Take your own pictures of family members, friends, or even of your pet. If you love to take pictures than why not be creative and take some unique ones of plants or houses. Be creative and even use different visual aspects like black and white or sepia.


Nothing can be better than choosing some art to hang on your walls. You can go to the nearest Target and find some great and inexpensive pieces. You might find a painting of Paris or of a famous celebrity. Maybe you should choose something with a famous quote written on it and place it over a doorway?

Antiques Plates

My grandmother loved to collect different things. One of my favorite collections that she had were the antique plate wall art. These were beautiful and unique. She hung them along the wall in the dining room and it helped bring the whole theme of the room together. I have started my own collection and have around ten pieces. Now I just need to decide where they would be placed best.

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