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Many of us will get our first job at the age of sixteen. During the summer we will get hired at the local McDonalds or Burger King and earn money for a car or to pay the cell phone bill. It teaches us responsibility and a work ethic that we can use when we are older.

Unfortunately trying to get a better and higher paying job after we leave high school is not always as easy as we would think. At the age of 18 I moved two hours away from my family to a big city where I had hoped to get a good job while putting myself through college.

I grabbed the first job that I could get at Ruby Tuesdays. It wasn’t a bad job – but it wasn’t ideal either and I didn’t make great tips. When you are looking for a job it helps to follow a few rules.

Dress Appropriately

You might be young – but you need to dress in a way that shows people you are mature and can handle responsibility. Whether you are dropping off an application or going to interview you should wear dress slacks and nice shirt and shoes. Guys should make sure that they are groomed and women are not wearing too much makeup.

Be Respectful

Address the employers as ‘ma’am’ and ‘sir’ at all times. Keep eye contact when they are talking to you or vice versa. This shows them that you are listening to everything they are saying. Leave any attitude you have at the door and don’t be too cocky.

Know Your Information

Make sure that you compared prepared at all times. You should be able to tell them what skills you have and what other places you have worked at. Bring along a resume that they can look over to verify your information.

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