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I was the youngest in my family – which meant that I had to wait longer than anyone else to do or get things. When I was four I couldn’t wait until my first school books came in so I could learn things like my siblings. All throughout my schooling I was excited about what I would learn. Until I reached high school.

This was when my rebellious stage hit and I didn’t feel that I needed it. Of course I came to my senses eventually and than prepared myself for college. One of the hardest thing for a high school student to do is to decide what they want to learn and what type of college they will be attending.

If you have high scores and your parents could afford it you might be able to attend one of the many ivy league schools scattered around the country. Perhaps you would like to attend a top university in your area or in the state? Some of us had no choice but to go to a community college first before working our way up to the university.

The best place to start looking when choosing a college is to know what degree you are going to major in. Think long and hard about this because you don’t want to spend $40,000 on something that you will eventually hate! Try to think about what subjects you like and how that can be used in a career field.

Once you have something picked you can do some research and try to find a school in your area that offers some of the best courses. Look for a chiropractic college or something that offers a decent art program or other courses that pertain to your field of study. Make sure that they follow the necessary guidelines.

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