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When we go on camping trips we don’t always think about the animals that live their when we are not around. The earth is a wonderful place and the nature that is all around us is amazing. Unfortunately there are some people who take this for granted and will leave behind trash or pollute the earth while on their fun trips.

What To Bring

The first thing you can do is to bring along the right equipment that are eco friendly. Leave behind the plastic utensils and paper plates that sit in landfills for eternity. Instead you should bring along lightweight camping cookware and eating utensils and plates. These are affordable, easy to pack, and can be found at any camping or sports store.

It is important that you bring along sleeping bags and tents that are made from recycled materials. These do not look any different and help to support the companies that are trying to make a difference in the world by keeping items out of the landfill.


Too many people who go on trips into the woods will leave behind gum wrappers or cigarette butts. These can pollute the earth or be eaten by animals who will not be able to digest it properly. Bring along trash bags to throw anything away and remember to throw it into the closest bin.


What better way to add lights to your site than to use solar camping lights. These are relatively inexpensive and will burn for hours at a time. On cloudy nights they will use their backup batteries and LED lights that burn twice as longer as the standard bulb. These come in many forms including; flashlights, lanterns, head lights, and string lights. Choose the ones that are going to be lightweight and easy to pack into your RV or backpacks.

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