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When you own a home you have the freedom to do whatever you want with it. One of the best ways to improve upon this personal asset is to remodel certain areas. When you do it properly and use the right materials you can increase the value of the home by a couple of hundred or even thousands of dollars.

One of the best rooms to start in and to start off small with is the bathroom. This is a busy room in the house – but for most of us is also one of the smallest. The best part about remodeling this room is that you don’t always have to spend a lot of money. You just need to change a few things.


It is time to get rid of the boring white on the walls and replace it with something that will actually interest you. Some people will choose bright colors like blue or yellow. Some might even choose something dramatic like red or dark brown. I prefer to stick to something neutral. Try to use a tan or light brown. This is calming and works great with everything in the room that you will change.


It helps to change the lighting and to give it something more sophisticated. Why not install light around the mirror that are not going to blind you – but will help you to apply your makeup perfectly each morning? If you can add some natural sunlight that will brighten up the room.


When you are doing the bathroom remodel the one area you might want to focus on the most is the floor. It is time to rip up the worn out looking vinyl and replace it with tiles. You can install these yourself and create a unique look.

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