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Having children is a full time job and we spend half the time being excited for them and being scared that something will happen to them. When that first kid comes along we think that anything that comes near them can potentially hurt them. We are told so many horror stories that it is hard to tell between fact and fiction at times.

It is true that if you allow your child near an oven they could burn their hands (something I did as a baby) or if they are upstairs they could easily fall down them. The best way to avoid these problems is to install a door gate in the front of these places.

A door gate – also referred to as a baby gate – is an important thing to have in your home. These come in different styles and will cost between $20 to $100. The most basic are placed in front of doorways. These use a latch that locks firmly into place. They are cheap – but they are not always easy for the adults to get by unless you want to jump over them each time.

Some of the best to purchase are the ones that must be screwed into the walls. These will cost you a bit more – but they can never be removed by any of the stronger and more determined toddlers. This is installed into a doorway and can be swung open and closed like a door. When it is closed it uses a special lock to keep it in place.

If you have a staircase than you must absolutely get a door gate. Even if your child only spends a few minutes up there with you there is enough time for you to turn around and for them to tumble down them. You must purchase the more secured gates that will not budge. The manual types can be pushed away from the wall and your kid will fall down after they have knocked it down.

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