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It is important for us to find different ways that we can take care of our families. They are our life and it is hard to feel comfortable in our own homes at night when we think everything we hear is someone trying to break in. Alarm systems are a must have in any home – but there are a few other things you can use also.

After living in our home for the past year my husband and I decided to make a small change to spruce up the yard. We were tired of all the neighbors having perfectly manicured lawns and exotic landscaping. If you can’t fight off the growing jealousy than it is time to join them.

So we went to Lowes and decided to plant a few trees and flowers. At least that was our intention. We didn’t end up by leaving with any. After all winter is setting in and apparently everything would wither up until the Spring anyways. Instead we looked at some decorations that could help out until it was ready to plant.

The first thing we looked at were security lights. Apparently these come in every shape and form. You can have some that look like rocks and others that shine so brightly you would think the sun was out. Our favorite out of everything that we looked at were the motion sensor lights.

These would give us the ability to light up our front porch when we got home every night without actually keeping it on. The motion sensor lights would be triggered by our appearance and would shut off after time. Not only do they provide security – but they save energy too! The latter is possibly one of the best features that all of us search for in this time and age.

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