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Most of us – whether be man or woman – are tired of spending each day trying to shave or sitting through painful waxing sessions just to remove unsightly hair. It is a necessity – but it doesn’t make it any easier. That is why we are constantly looking into better methods like laser removal.

This is an easy method – but unfortunately not everyone can use it. Why? In order for this technology to work on your body or to be more specific, your hair, you need to meet a few requirements. Below are some of the most important to consider. It is still best to speak with a dermatologist if you think that you are a candidate.

Do you have light skin and dark hair? Great! This means that you are one of the best candidates for this method. Most lasers will not work on people with dark skin or light hair. It makes it difficult or nearly impossible for the laser to reach the follicle – but will instead focus on the first dark thing it hits – your skin!

However, there are some clinics that use newer lasers – which have overcome these hurdles. These are hard to find and might be more expensive so search hard to find them. There are still other requirements that people will have to fall under before they can be considered.

People who have blonde, grey, or red hair will have a harder time with the laser removal. The hair is so fair that it makes it difficult to reach the follicle as needed. While the method might work for them they will find that they need a great deal more sessions when compared to most other people.

People who suffer from lupus, diabetes, or other skin conditions will not be a laser removal candidate. Anyone who has herpes will suffer from an outbreak caused by it. This is why it is important to consult a physician before you have it done.

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