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Shaving is a time old tradition that people have been doing since the olden days. We have managed to upgrade from using sharp knives to using the more compact three bladed razor. This method of hair removal is the easiest and the cheapest method though it can be tedious and requires that you do it at least once every other day.

Razors For Women

Women have tough skin and will do the most amount of shaving. Most women will choose to use one of the many razors that are offered specifically for them. However, I have found that these are useless and irritate my skin. I prefer to use one of the many razors used commonly by men. These cut through the hair quick and don’t tear up the skin.

Razors For Men

Men have a wide assortment of razors like women do that are usually made with three blades. These are great for men – but not all of them will use it. I have known many to use the ones made for women because of how sensitive they are on the skin.

What To Do

This hair method is simple. All you need to do is to apply some warm water, lather some shaving cream onto the skin, and slowly shave against the hair grain. Make sure that your skin is well saturated or it will crack. It is easiest to do it in the shower.


The biggest benefits to this is how easy it is. It is true that you have to do it nearly every day. This is because it only trims the hair rather than completely detaching it. Tedious! However, once you get used to it you will be able to shave your face or legs in five minutes or less. That is a great record to break.

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