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When I was a teenager I was deadest on never getting married or having children. I had been hurt by people in the past and had seen other relationships crumble even after 25 years of marriage. In the back of my head I had hoped to meet someone who could break down those walls. However, I was still convinced that children was not going to happen.

Only a month after I was married I told my husband that I wanted to have a kid, right away! There was something inside of me that just wanted to start a family and I knew that I finally changed my mind on the matter. Luckily for me he wanted children also. At first we planned on two children. After the first one though we decided to call it quits.

After two years of discussing the matter we decided to do something more permanent to ensure that our plans didn’t change. The choice was between a tubal ligation and a vasectomy. Like all men he was scared that having a vasectomy would somehow change his manhood!

I didn’t mind undergoing surgery – but I still didn’t see why it had to be me. After all I am the one who spent nine months getting fat and hours trying to push an eight pound baby out of my belly! I sat down with him and weighed the differences. There was a lot of research involved in order to convince him.

If you really do the research you will see the difference between a tubal ligation vs. vasectomies. The TB takes at least a month to recover from while the vasectomy takes a week. The TB costs $5,000 and the vasectomy $500. My hubby stepped up to the plate and our fate was sealed and there have been no surprises since!

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