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When you are throwing your child’s birthday party you want to make sure that they are going to enjoy every moment of it. Each party is different from the next and you want them to be able to remember it even when they are older. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to rent an inflatable bouncer.

These are bounce houses that you usually find at festivals or carnivals. These are large and usually in the shape of castles. They are completely enclosed and allow around ten kids to jump around inside to their hearts content. Renting one of these is actually easier than you might think.

First you need to contact a business in your area that rents them out. Go to a party store and see what they have to offer. Most often businesses will rent by the hour. You might spend between $40 to $80 an hour or day. This will depend on how large or small it will be.

Pick out one that will match the theme of the party. For your son you can choose a ‘Cars’ theme and for your daughter a ‘Princess’ theme. From there you can decide on what type. The most basic are the ones completely enclosed. If you have a lot more kids than you might want to consider renting out the ones that have a obstacle course attached to it. They will have to find their way to the bouncer and they will love it!

The business that you are renting from will be responsible for setting it up and taking it down for you. This should be included in the cost. You will most likely have to sign a form saying that they are not responsible for any injuries sustained by kids using the bounce house.

Make sure that kids of the same age and height are using it and that they do not exceed the maximum amount. You will find that renting inflatable bouncers for your next party will be simple and a hit among the kids.

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