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When we take a vacation our first thought is to take the whole family to Disneyland. Both sound exciting – but than you think about the hours that you will spend in the car and in line during each ride. It isn’t always pleasant when you are surrounded by hundreds of other people and you lose more sleep rather than relax.

Every now and again it helps to take time away from the hustle and bustle of life. One of the best ways to take the family out without spending a ton of money and being surrounded by complete strangers is to go camping!

Where To Go

The first thing you have to know is where you wish to go. If you already live in a wooded area than this should be rather easy for you to do. Amateur campers should go to a state park where you have to reserve a spot. You can bring your RV, cars, or walk by foot to the camping site. Most parks don’t cost more than $20 to stay and they are patrolled by rangers.


Remember to bring all of the necessary supplies to keep you going throughout the whole week. Most sites will not have amenities available to you. It is your responsibility to bring along cooking gear, first aid kits, and sleeping gear. The inflatable camping tent is one of the best things to bring.

The inflatable camping tent will cost you between $200 to $600 for each one depending on how many people will be using it. They are made with durable material that is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and to keep anything from puncturing a hole into it. The best part about it is that it takes a few seconds to inflate and is easy to carry on your back.

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