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Before we have kids it seems that we have boundless amounts of energy. In high school we can stay up till two or three in the morning and still manage to stay awake through all of our classes. In college we have enough energy to sit through our classes, work full time, and get homework done. When kids come though they seem to sap away everything that we had stored up!

As parents we have to find different ways to let them work off all the energy that they have without having to play with them for hours every day. After all we have to clean the home and cook dinner in between building blanket forts and playing the big monster! I have found that the best thing to have in the play room is the inflatable castle.

These bounce houses are usually large and found at carnivals or rented our for birthday parties. Now though they make them to be smaller and easily used inside of the home! They are open at the top and provide enough bouncing space for two or three small kids. To make things more fun for them you can throw in a few plastic balls.

The cost to have one is usually around $200 to $300 for something that is dependable and not going to break easily. You might be able to scour Craigslist and eBay and find something a bit more affordable. The plastic balls can be found at places like Toys ‘R Us or Wal Mart for only around $10 to $20.

The great thing about these is that they are easy to set up and take down. It comes with a blower that will inflate it in mere seconds and deflate it in even less. The indoor inflatable castle will also come with a storage bag so you can keep it in the closet without taking up tons of space.

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