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The kitchen is one of the busiest and most used rooms in the home. I don’t cook very often – but I still have to use the kitchen to warm up my TV dinners or make my favorite smoothies. I have lived in a few homes and none of them have had a kitchen that I absolutely love.

Everyone of us are picky in this area and have certain design ideas in my mind. The trick is to find a way to combine everything that we want or to even identify those necessities that we really need.


How many times have you complained about your cabinet space and the lack thereof? This is a common problems especially for those of you who are packrats or love to cook and have every baking pan on the planet. It would be great to have a design that would make spiral cabinets or pull out drawers that can store more items.


The type of counters that you use will make a huge difference! Do you want to use wood or marble? Choose wisely because you don’t want them to be hard to clean or become easily damaged.


Nothing is more important in your kitchen than the right appliances! Personally, I love the stainless steel refrigerator, microwave, and sink. These are clean looking and go great no matter what theme you are looking to use. The stove has to have the flat burners – which are easy to keep clean.

Need Help?

Sometimes we can’t always pick out exactly what we want and we have a hard time of bringing everything together so that it looks right. If you are not into designing than you need some help. Pick up some books and magazines and peruse through the various kitchen design pictures that you see. Take note of what they have and what you want or need.

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