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It is important to decorate your home so that you can turn it into something that you love and that makes you comfortable. To live in a home that has no pictures on the wall or lamps on the table will make you feel bored in your home and keep you from wanting to have company over for dinner or small parties.

It can be difficult sometimes for us to purchase exactly what we want. We might find a great deal of items – but the price tag would run us clear what we can afford. The best way to do decorate your home is to make them yourself and turn it into a hobby.

Wall Art

The first thing you need to start with is wall art. If you have a digital camera than take some pictures of your family and friends. You could be creative and take pictures of random flowers or animals. Print it out in the size you want it to have and try a few of them in black and white.

If photographs are not your thing than why not paint something. Choose a theme that you love and either paint a scenery or start with something smaller. For my home I purchased a blank canvas and covered it with burgundy fabric. Than I painted an oriental symbol in gold and lined the frame with black lace.


The best way to bring some color and vibrancy to a room is to put down an accent rug. It is true that you can purchase these at your favorite store – but for smaller spaces why not make them yourself. Making shag rugs is simple to do and they are the perfect thing to use in your office or a kid’s bedroom or the dining room.

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