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There are a number of things we can do when trying to remove hair from our bodies. One that is very popular among the ladies is waxing. Many men have tried it – but only the toughest of those who are able to withstand the pain have managed to continue using it. Women have a much higher pain threshold and are able to bear much more!

So what type of advantages do you get from having hundreds of tiny hairs ripped forcefully from your body? I know that it sounds horrible – but in reality it does have its benefits.

The first and most important is the fact that it only has to be done once every few weeks. That’s right! When you shave it has to be done at the least every other day if you are cursed with fast growing hair. When you wax it detaches the hair directly from the follicle. This will keep it from growing back between four to six weeks and sometimes longer.

The next best thing about this is that there is absolutely no stubble left behind. Your legs will be silky smooth like you have never thought possible. There is one thing though. You must make sure that a professional does it for you. Doing it by yourself is dangerous and could result in serious problems.

Anyone who can inflict pain on themselves has problems. If you want a friend to do it for you than make sure they have experience in it. Once you are used to the pain it causes you can see how great it is to use on your legs or even to wax back hair from your boyfriend. Just remember to use the right technician or product that will not irritate your skin in anyway or form.

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