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Laser hair removal is a growing trend that started with the movie stars and has branched out to us normal people. It uses a laser that will emit intense beams of light that shoots to the hair follicle and detaches the hair from it. This form of hair removal can be used on the face, armpit, legs, chest, back, and bikini area.

So what should you expect from this? Smooth skin! In order to accomplish this you need to prepare your body. Do not go out in the sun for long periods or get a tan (even the sunless kind). People with dark skin cannot get laser removal because the beam of light will touch the skin and burn it.

The first time you go don’t expect all of the hair to be gone. The hair will grow at different intervals. Some of it might not have grown in during the first session – which means you need another one. This is common. It could take you four or give sessions to remove it all. This is part of what makes it so expensive.

There are side effects to be made aware of. The most common is redness. This is common but should go away before the day is over with. In severe cases the skin will blister and be very sensitive. However, most lasers are designed to not damage the skin in any way. If you skin is sensitive the technician will cease.

Once you have completed the area you will be happy to see smooth skin! Unlike shaving there is absolutely no stubble. The results for permanent laser removal are similar to waxing except that it is not as painful. Talk with your doctor to make sure that you are a candidate for this procedure and what problems can arise from it.

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