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A fireplace is one of the best features to have in a home. For years I have wanted a home that would have one and than me and my husband found a great home that had a traditional one. We loved it at first – but it didn’t take long to resent the amount of hours we had to spend in keeping it clean.

Our first winter we used it once. During that time we learned that it took forever to start the fire, the smoke still crept into the home, and in order to get warm you had to sit right in front of it. After that one time we looked into switching over to an electric fireplace.

Many of you are skeptical about these units and they don’t always seem practical. It is true that they do not produce large amount of heat – but this was not what I was looking for in a fireplace. I was looking for something that would make my home look inviting and would set a relaxing ambience that helped to make people feel comfortable.

Installing the unit wasn’t difficult – but it was slightly more expensive than we wanted it to be. After the unit was installed we purchased the faux logs that would sit inside and make the illusion of the fire more ‘real’ looking. Than we turned it all on and admired our new luxury.

This was something worth investing in. With this unit you control the amount of heat it gives off (it does create some amount of heat). It can be turned on and off at the click of a button and is always ready to go! You don’t need to stoke it or find fuel to keep it going.

The second best thing about the electric fireplace was the ability we had to use this year round. During Christmas we turned it on and it helped to create a festive mood. When it was summer and we had guests over we turned it on to make things relaxing. For anniversaries it served as a great backdrop to a candlelit dinner.

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