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Every time I look at the news I see a post about how some actor has died or how someone was killed from a fire, flood, or shooting. All around me there is chaos and it is hard to find any good left. This sad feeling is multiplied when I see just how many young people are losing themselves to drugs and alcohol or even a disease that has claimed their lives.

I am in my mid twenties – which is far from old. However, there are days when I feel like I am turning thirty! Everyday seems to go by in a blur and I hardly have time to catch my breath or enjoy the things around me. If I am not working than I am cleaning or cooking dinner or shopping for school pictures and dinner meals.

We all need to take a step back and realize that life is too darn short and that we need to enjoy every minute of it with the people that we love! That is when we should put together a bucket list. I know that this is usually made by people who are pushing sixty – but I believe that anyone can do it.

If you are single than sit down with a few friends and if you are married sit down with your spouse and kids. The bucket list should not be done alone or else who can you enjoy it with? Put down all of the things in life that you have NEVER done – but have always dreamed of.

You can do anything from bungee jumping, to learning how to fly a plane, or even traveling to an exotic country. On my list I want to learn how to surf, sky dive, and try a bit of ice diving. Everything is bold and it will open your eyes in ways you never thought was possible!

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