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As women we have to live up to our reputation. It is our job to make sure that our hair is in order, our clothes match perfectly, and our bodies are toned up just right. Not all of us spend the time or even care to fulfill all of the requirements that the world seems to set for us – but some of us don’t think twice!

I am all for looking great and staying groomed – but there are something that I will put my foot down! The biggest thing that I have a problem with is waxing! How many women have actually tried it? Now how many have continued to do it? Well I have tried it once in my life and it was not fun and I don’t plan on going through it again.

It all started when I purchased an at home waxing kit. I was tired of shaving my legs on a daily basis and wanted to use something that would keep the hair from growing back so quickly. Waxing seemed to be the best way to go and it always made women’s legs look so shiny. What was there to lose?

Apparently there was a lot that I could lose! I read the directions three times to make sure that I was doing everything right. It was important that I was meticulous and didn’t leave anything out. Otherwise I would be wasting my time!

I applied the wax and immediately applied the strip over it. I made sure that the strip was perfectly smooth and that there were no air bubbles just like the directions said. I closed my eyes grabbed the end and RIP! It is one thing to have someone do this to you – but doing it to yourself …well that is just plain wrong!

Knowing that the pain was coming (in waves) I dreaded it and apparently I didn’t pull hard enough. It only ripped the hair out in patches and left some of the wax behind. The moisturizer did nothing for me and my leg looked like someone had attacked me. It also took three days before the extra wax would come off. That’s right no amount of soap and hot water would help! Try wax hair removal if you dare – but make sure someone else does the ripping!

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