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My mom is so talented! Growing up I watched her home school five children, create a cookbook, cater weddings, sew countless dresses, and design homes. She seemed to be great at everything she did and I was hoping that when I grew up I would get some of here genes and be just as talented.

It seems that was not to be. I tried to sew a few times and every time it looked like someone had taken a knife to it. I tried to cook – but something always seemed to be missing. Designing my own home was hard enough that I couldn’t image trying to do it for others. The only thing that was easy for me to design was my daughter’s bedroom.


The first thing that I had to decide on was the theme. I wanted something girly and cute – but that I knew none of my friends had done. Everyone else I knew at the time was doing Winnie the Pooh or Disney Princess. So I chose something unique. I chose Tinkerbell!


Once you have the theme picked out the colors are easy to come up with. Tinkerbell’s colors are green, light pink, and purple. Pink is something that you find in EVERY girl’s room. So naturally that was out. I chose with a light purple that would open the room up when the light came in and still looked girly!


Next came the baby room design on the wall. I had someone paint a large tree on one of the larger walls. The tree was huge and full of blooming flowers. Around the other walls I had a variety of sticker fairies (including Tinkerbell herself) flying around the walls and bordering the window. The whole thing came together beautifully and I will be sad when we change it after she has grown out of it!

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