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Dream meanings are interesting to browse through at, especially if you have a recurring dream in which you desperately need to have a definite and clear explanation in order to ease out your uneasiness.

People, from varying locations and cultures, have varying beliefs when it comes to dreams. Some believe that it is a person’s way of knowing the future, either as a warning sent by God or certain spirits of impending calamity and danger, or as a much needed revisiting of a past event that needs closure. Depending on an individual’s level of spirituality, it is also believed to be the body’s way of giving some of its consciousness to the spirit so that it may manifest itself in the physical plane. Such beliefs are held closely mostly by cultures that were left untouched by the five major religions, especially Christianity. A significant amount of people on the other hand, especially those who belong to the scientific community, dismiss such beliefs as part of myths and superstitions, something that should simply be just ignored because dreams don’t really amount to anything except as the brain’s way to entertain a sleeping person.

Even though understanding dreams and trying to give it meaning is not considered as a pure science by some, psychologists take special notice of it because dreams manufactured by a person’s mind can help explain the thought pattern and other brain related stuff which their field studies about. Out of such studies, dream interpretations arose, mostly products of group discussions between people who gather together to share their dreams with each other and try to figure out what it means according to how someone else from the group understands it.

Dream interpretations, although in some cases applicable to an individual’s situation and appeals to his or her understanding, should not be taken as factual and literal per se. If you’re going to check out every book that contains an a-z meaning of dreams, or websites that offer not only basic interpretations of generally themed dreams but also discussions forums in which members can post their dreams and hope that someone can interpret them, you’ll find that a certain scene can mean two things.

Man’s fascination with dreams and its meaning is not only limited to situations specified above. Different fields express man’s desire to be in control, and somewhat having dream meanings helps give man the sense that they are in control.

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