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Building a home can be an exciting adventure and also a daunting task. There are so many choices to be made, money to be paid, and deadlines to meet. What started off as something new and fun will soon become slightly stressful and a bit worrisome. After all there will be problems along the way.

The best part of this project is getting to design each room. For me the best thing to design was the laundry room. I might have a small family – but we are always in need of clothes being washed and towels to be dried. It seems like a never ending chore that will pile up if we don’t keep an eye on it.

When designing a laundry room I began with the size of it. It was important that I had something that was large enough to fit my appliances, cabinets, and a folding table. It isn’t often that you find a folding table in this room – but it comes in handy. It allows you to fold the clothes immediately after pulling them out of the dryer and having a clean space to put them on.

Once I knew what measurements were needed I worked on how I wished to have it designed. I know that it isn’t an important room and it didn’t make sense to pour tons of money into decorating it. However, I wanted to make sure it looked nice so that I would actually want to use it.

For inspiration I used magazines and books to view laundry room pictures. With the help of these resources I was able to decide on a light blue color that would help to make it feel more open. Since there were no windows I installed soft lighting under the cabinets and the table. In the end I was left with a great room and I always get my laundry done on time!

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