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Everyone of us have busy lives. If we are not in school than we are working and if we are not working than we are out running errands. It seems that the months seem to fly by and before we know it another year has come and gone and we suddenly look five years older. Personally, I work so much and such long hours – but I always make time for my family. This leaves me strapped when it comes to cleaning the house.

Unfortunately my husband works a lot too and neither one of us have the energy or time to clean as much as we should. We would love to hire a maid – but that requires money that could be better spent on school clothes or maybe even food! So instead we have decided to put together a cleaning schedule.

This is a type of checklist that you and your spouse will make and it can make things twice as easy. Gather notebook paper and a pencil and write down all of the rooms in the home. Make sure to include the guest bedroom, hall, and office in that list. They might not be used a lot – but they can still get dirty.

Underneath each room make a bullet list of everything that needs to be done in their. For example, in the living room you might put down dust, vacuum, and tidy up. For the bathroom you might put down sink, toilet, and shower. You want to make a detailed list of everything that needs to be done.

Now that you have your list you need to deal out the chores equally among yourselves. If you have older kids than make sure they have their own set of chores. You can take on whole rooms or you can be in charge of dusting every room or cleaning the tiles. Each week you will be responsible for your portion of the list. You will be surprised how much cleaner your home will be.

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