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It is funny the things you learn about you spouse after you get married. When you are dating everything is new and fresh and there is just a glow and mystery over everything. You are learning about each other’s past and over that time you get to know how each one acts and what personality they have.

It isn’t till you are living with each other that the smaller quirks start to come out. Like how your wife takes two hours to get ready and half that time she is trying on every piece of clothing she owns! How your husband doesn’t really like to cook or clean and can’t seem to put the toilet seat down, ever!

At first these small – but very important things will begin to annoy us to the point that the glow of dating has worn off and now you are just irritated. This is something that can get under everyone’s skin – but why would you let it? Rather than becoming irritated by it why not adapt to it all?

Quirks as annoying as these is what shapes someone’s personality. A woman who takes forever to get ready cares about how she looks even though she is now married to you. A man who doesn’t like to cook shows just how much he loves you by slaving over a hot stove during special occasions.

When you begin to see things in this way you learn what you love most about them and these things hardly matter anymore. Sure, it might take a few weeks or months – but you will get the hang of it. It will give you time to come up with some handy snoring remedies that will keep them quiet! Just remember that you love them no matter what and that everything has a silver lining to it!

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