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Birth control is something that nearly every woman uses. A few will get it at the age of fifteen because they believe that they are ready to have a physical relationship. There are various forms of birth control to pick out from including the pill, shot, or a major surgery. It is your choice to decide on what you desire to use.

The question that numerous couples will ask themselves is, “Is birth control wrong?”. Is it right for us to decide just many children we want to have and when we wish to have them? There are numerous people who believe that this is wholly in God’s hands and that He alone will decide for us.

It is correct that if God chooses for you to have another kid there is no stopping it. I have known a few women to be on birth control and still become pregnant. However, I believe that it is our responsibility to make sure that we do what we can to be sure that we do not bring so many children into this world that we do not have the ability to afford them.

There are too many parents who decide to have three or four children and yet they do not have the patience for them. They become irritated when they do what kids normally do. A few parents simply do not understand what it means to discipline and will let their children do what they wish or may spoil them beyond belief.

Make sure that you have what is needed to raise them up right. You must have love in your heart, an abundance of patience, and a way to keep them protected. If you think that you have plenty of children than have a vasectomy – which is permanent and easy to recover from.

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