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When my daughter was born it was important for me to design her room to be personal to her. It was such a fun time for me and one that I am still perfecting. Now that she is older she has a bathroom all to herself. This is where she brushes her teeth and takes her bath every night.

I wanted to make this bathroom different from the master bath. It was also a guest bathroom – but the only people we ever entertained overnight was my family and I knew they wouldn’t care what theme it had. So I decided to create a fun and exciting bathroom that my daughter would love!

Crazy Colors

You can’t have anything fun if you don’t start off with a few crazy colors! I sat down with my three year old and got an idea of what her favorite colors were. She loved purple and green and I thought that these actually meshed well with each other. As crazy as I wanted to be I was happy she didn’t pick bright pink!

I decided that the walls were going to be green because her bedroom had a base color of purple. Rather than doing a simple paint job I decided to create a funky look and sponged painted every wall. The result was great!


The painting turned out good – but it was the hardest and longest part of the job. Next came picking out the accessories that we would place on the sink, floor, and tub. Since the walls were green everything else would be purple.

I went to my nearest home décor store and chose a checkered pattern rug with green, purple, and pink accents all over it. Next came the purple soap dispenser, cup, and toothbrush holder. Lastly was the multi colored shower curtain – which added a bit of flair to the bathroom design I chose. The end result made me and my daughter quite happy!

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