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The kitchen is the most used room in the home. This is where we cook every meal (even the microwavable kind) and store all of the dishes that are dirty. It is also one of the best rooms to use when trying to entertain our guests. However, you are going to find it hard to cook in it when everything is disorganized and filthy. It is time to roll up the sleeves and spring clean the entire room!


The first step is to organize everything that you have. Start with the top cabinets and pull everything out and put it on the nearest counter. Clean out the inside of the cabinets and wipe out the dust and debris. Lay down some new covering that your dishes will sit on top of. Once it is all clean you can put everything back in. However, don’t put back anything that is chipped, broken, or you never use. Do this in all the cabinets and pantry.


Next comes the counters. Take everything off and wipe them down using a rag and cleaner. You might even find it easier to use the Clorox wipes – which can be easily thrown away. Wipe it all down including the back wall. As you put the appliances back make sure to wipe them down as well.

Refrigerator And Microwave

These are the two most used appliances in the kitchen and as such will get filthy quick! Pull everything out of the fridge and throw away food that is bad and condiments you don’t eat. Wipe it all down thoroughly and disinfect every inch of it. Do the same with the microwave. Also wipe down the outside.


You are almost done! The next thing you have to do is clean the kitchen cabinets. Use a wood cleaner to wipe them all down and remove and stuck on food that splattered onto it. Start from the top and work your way down to the bottom ones.


Last but not least is the floor. Sweep every inch of it and behind the refrigerator. When that is done take your mop and scrub it hard so that any stain that was there is gone.

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